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Comparison of HAIR REMOVAL methods

We often speak of “laser hair removal“. This generally indicates the removal of hair by means of light, which is a treatment with both cold and focused light. A treatment for the permanent removal of hair growth is also called photoepilation.

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Temporary methods


The most well known and widespread mehtod of hair removal is the classical shaving. This method can be realized at almost every body region. This concerns the removal of facial hair, Hair underneath the armpits as well as hair in the intimate area and at legs. The models are various and are offered from many producers. The wet and dry shaving are very popular.This can be done without electricity or with an electrical shaver. This is very time consuming on the one handsite and on the other it has the disadvantage of having to do it all over again. Furthermore unpleasant stubble and ingrown hairs occur that cause inflammation and itching.

Epilating & Waxing

Epilating and waxing is even more painful then the classical shaving. Both method have in common, that each hair is plugged out with its root. The Advantage of both methods compared to shaving is the longer lasting feeling of smooth skin. Because each hair isn’t cut off right above the surface of the skin, hair need to go the whole way up until they reach the surface of the skin. This procedure takes about 4 weeks. But then the painful process needs to be repeated.

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XENOgel | effective & gentle

Here, the protein, which is located in the hair roots, denatured by targeted heating. As a result, a regeneration of the cell is excluded, and a reproduction of the hair is prevented. The result: permanent hair removal. The XENOgel technology uses the SHR principle described above, combining its benefits with a skin-friendly crystal gel. Thus, the light exposure of the SHR device can be improved and the skin can be simultaneously cooled by the crystal gel. Therefore, only a maximum temperature of 45 ° C is reached, which significantly contributes to the protection of the skin. Less skin irritation and a good feeling – XENOgel Technology.


SHR technology uses a different approach. Here, the melanin is only 50% used as an energy transmitter. Here, the stem cells of the hair, which are responsible for the growth, are treated. That’s the big difference to the IPL method, which only works with melanin. By dividing up the two ways you can work with significantly lower energy, which in turn leads to a significant improvement of the skin. Thus, a pain-free treatment is possible.


The IPL technology uses very short consecutive light pulses lasting from 2 to 300 milliseconds. An energy between 12 and 120 joules per square-centimetre is released. The melanin in the hair directs the energy of light to the hair roots, which is converted to heat there. This produces temperatures between 65 and 72 ° C. Other cells in the skin also contain this dye. Thus, they can also absorb the energy, which can lead to redness and swelling of the skin. Due to our wide range of technologies, we also offer the IPL procedure. However, we recommend the gentler XENOgel method.

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