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Get an initial overview of the body regions that are suitable for permanent* hair removal. Effective and painless hair removal at almost every desired part of your body.

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Overview body areas (women)

Hair growth at the female body

For many years the hair removal in numerous body areas of a women is a part of everyday life. Legs, armpits and the intimate area are the parts which women mostly have free from hair. That’s the image of a well-groomed body and therefore the epitome of female beauty.

But how do women get rid of anoying hair growth? Especially the shave or waxing are very popular to remove hair. Both methods have one big disadvantage. They have to be repeated all over again and often lead to ingrown hair. The shave has to be done every day to have a smooth skin and waxing every 28 days. Nevertherless both procedures are a not long lasting.

That’s what the permanent hair removal* with light is for. With the different technologies offered, a hair removal at almost every part of the body is possible. Don’t struggle with the daily shave but free yourself from annyoing hair growth in your desired area.

Photo face beautiful woman

Hair removal women FACE

It is not uncommon for women to suffer from facial hair. We will free you from it, without plucking and shaving.

Hair removal women ARMPITS

Besides aesthetics, hygiene also plays a major role in hair removal on the armpits. Our technologies make it possible.

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hairfree arms and hands photo

Hair removal women ARMS & HANDS

For many women increased hair growth on the hands and arms is very uncomfortable. We free you from this burden of constant shaving.

Hair removal women CHEST & ABDOMEN

Sensual and delicate skin in the area of the abdomen is a wish of many women. This can become true with our numerous photoepilation technologies.

smooth chest and bellys women photo
intimate area censored photo

Hair removal women BIKINI ZONE & INTIMATE AREA

Smooth skin in this sensitive area is particularly attractive. In addition, it brings great benefits of hygiene with it. No more annoying shaving thanks to our permanent hair removal*.

Hair removal women BUTTOCKS & GLUTEAL FOLD

Especially the hygienic plays an important role in this body area. With permanent hair removal* to freedom.

buttocks woman photo
smooth and silky legs woman photo

Hair removal women LEGS

Especially in the summertime smooth legs look particularly attractive. However, this is associated with annoying shaving. Forget the tedious procedure with permanent hair removal*.


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