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XENOgel® Technology hair removal in Wiesbaden

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Innovative hair removal with light and crystal gel

XENOgel Technology: A technology, which combines more than 15 years of experience in permanent* hair removal. It is the most revolutionary method of medical removal of unwanted body hair. State-of-the-art technology for the best result.

Hair removal was and is often very tedious. This does not only depend on the method used, but also to the particular body region. Annoying shaving, epilation and waxing is now in the past. From now on only a smooth, silky soft skin feeling. Clearly defined results can be achieved by a variety of methods. Haarfreiheit offers you the best technologies for permanent hair removal*.

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How the XENOgel® Technology works

Modern and innovative hair removal

A laser removal is the most advanced method of permanent* hair removal. One of the most advanced technologies is our XENOgel® Technology. Here a skin-friendly crystal gel is combined with the most modern generation of the photoepilation. Hereby the effectiveness of the treatment is increased due to the crystal gel which optimizes the effect of the light.

Older technologies, such as The IPL method (“Intense Pulsed Light”) use the melanin, in the hair, exclusively as a way to get to the hair root. Since the dye melanin, to a certain extent, is also contained in the skin, it can also heat up. Likewise, gray or light hair, due to the low amount of melanin, can hardly be treated with older methods.

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In contrast to other procedures, the XENOgel® Technology absorbs only 50% of the energy of light from the melanin contained in the hair. The remaining 50% act on the stem cells which are responsible for the nutrient supply to the hair root. During the treatment, the proteins of the stem cells are denatured which leads to the sustainable prevention of nutrient supply. As a result, the hair can no longer regenerate and ultimately falls out.

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