Hair removal
for MEN
in Wiesbaden

This is a first overview of the body regions, which are suitable for permanent hair removal* in the Wiesbaden institute

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Overview body areas (men)

Hair growth at the male body

Hair removal is an important topic for men too. It’s not only important to have a well groomed beard. Many men have to fight with extensive hair growth in the neck, at the back or abdomen. Armpit hair are also an annoying topic.

The well groomed man from today looks after removing that extensive growth of hair. Mostly this is done with the shaver. No matter if electrical or classical, hair regrow much too fast. Uncomfortable stubble are formed and in some cases hair ingrow. This isn’t only uncomfortable but it doesn’t look good.

To eliminate this constantly repeating process there is the permanent hair removal* with light. And this at almost every part of the body. Get to know more about the individual body areas a hair removal with light is possible.

Photo Face Man beard

Hair removal men FACE

Unwanted facial hair can be annoying. Say goodbye to daily shaving and experience freedom, thanks to permanent hair removal*.

Hair removal men ARMPITS

In the area of the armpits not only aesthetics are the main focus, but also the hygiene. Both are perfected with permanent hair removal*.

photo man smooth armpits no hair
photo man neck no hair

Hair removal men NECK

Removing hair around the neck area can be very difficult as those regions are often hard to reach. With the permanent hair removal* you never have to experience such annoying hair again.

Hair removal men SHOULDERS & BACK

Beautifully contoured muscles are easier to recognize if they are not covered by unwanted hair. Achieve pure aesthetics with permanent hair removal*.

photo man hairless back shoulders
photo arms and hands hairless man

Hair removal men ARMS & HANDS

Appealing hands and arms Well-groomed hands and arms are a must for a man’s appearance. With the technology of permanent hair removal* with light, you can always rely on a well-groomed appearance.

Hair removal men CHEST & ABDOMEN

You do not have to deal with annoying hair on the chest. With permanent hair removal*, you can enjoy a manly and smooth chest every day.

hairless chest man
intimate scene hairless man

Hair removal men INTIMATE AREA

Sensitive parts of the body need a lot of care. But with permanent hair removal* technology, you no longer have to worry about it.

Hair removal men BUTTOCKS & GLUTEAL FOLD

These locations are particularly difficult to reach and using traditional methods will not last very long. Trust in permanent hair removal*.

Photo man buttocks
photo man legs hairless

Hair removal men LEGS & FEET

Smooth legs bring benefits with it and not just in sports. Also for aesthetic reasons, you can benefit from permanent hair removal* on legs and feet.


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