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Permanent* hair removal on the

Sensitive areas of the body need much attention regarding hygiene. Hair are the ideal place for bacteria to multiply. Therefore, get rid of such unwanted hair easily.

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Not only important for the aesthetics

Of course, this body part is only visible to close confidants. However, you should still pay much attention to the area of ​​the buttocks. In addition to the aesthetics, however, the focus is also on hygiene. Because in this area, bacteria can attach itself to the hairs very quickly which can lead to infections or injuries.

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Look good without pain

Many men who remove hair in sensitive areas resort to razors or wax. Both methods achieve only a short-term result, so the procedures must always be repeated. The big problem here is that it can quickly lead to injuries and pain. Especially when shaving, the risk of skin irritation and ingrown hair is very high. But especially in sensitive areas like the intergluteal fold this should be prevented at all costs.

Our modern methods of permanent hair removal do not cause pain or injury. Whether with cold light or laser light, our technologies are available for all needs. Skin-friendly and effective.

Enjoy your freedom

Since we know that these are very sensitive areas, we want you to feel safe. These private parts are usually seen only by the partner and it can be strange to show them now in other ways. That’s why our way of working is extremely discreet and professional. We want you to feel completely comfortable and not afraid. The healthcare professional will be happy to discuss all your questions and concerns before treatment. Of course you can contact them at any time so that you can relax and enjoy your treatment.


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