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SHR (Super Hair Removal) refers to the most innovative technique of permanent hair removal. Therefore, this is not a specific product or brand, but a method of hair removal by light.

In this case, compared to conventional methods with laser, working with unbundled light. Therefore, a relatively large body area can be treated with only one pulse of light. Our devices generally work with a wavelength of 690 nm. The, equipped with anti-reflective sapphire crystal, applicator is extremely gentle to the skin, because an additional water filter ensures the filtering of high infrared light areas. As a result, excessive heating and thus the risk of burns can be avoided.

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SHR is considered one of the most innovative technologies of permanent hair removal*. Super Hair Removal, contrary to expectations, does not refer to a product or brand, it rather stands for a method of hair removal using light.

SHR uses unfocused light for optimal results. The special feature is that large areas of the body can be effectively treated with only one light pulse. For this purpose we constantly use a wavelength of 690nm. In our treatment, a water filter is responsible for separating infrared light areas that are too strong. In addition, there is a sapphire glass in the applicator, which makes the procedure tolerant to the skin. Therefore, too intense heating and a subsequent risk of burns are eliminated.

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The SHR method differs clearly from the usual methods due to its constant temperature of only 45° Celsius is reached. A uniform heating of the skin area can be ensured by the constant movement of the applicator. Thus, this procedure is particularly gentle to the skin and has a reduced risk of skin irritation. Since only low energy is used, this method is absolutely painless and relaxing. The technology relies on the permanent denaturation of the proteins in the hair follicles.

The transmission of light, in contrast to the IPL technology, is provided only about 50% through the melanin of the skin. This guarantees a gentler treatment. The energy of the light pulses is converted into heat energy in the stem cells, which leads to the denaturation of the proteins. This results in an insufficient supply of nutrients to the hair, causing it to fail. For this reaction to take place, there must be an active connection between the hair and the hair root, which is only present in the anagen phase. Only this way a transmission of light into the stem cells is possible.

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Shaving the body area, the day before treatment is recommended. Since an active connection between hair and hair root is essential, methods of epilation, waxing or sugaring should be avoided at least 4 weeks before treatment. These methods of hair removal destroy this compound and thus make treatment ineffective. Furthermore, it is of utmost importance to follow the treatment cycles of about 4-6 weeks, so that the hair can be treated in its anagen phase.


Extreme care should be taken with skin tattoos, as the colour pigments contained in them may react to the light impulse. Since we do not take any risks in terms of the health of the patient, tattoos are completely omitted or carefully covered.

For skin pigments, e.g. Birthmarks, this is a similar case. These contain more melanin and must also be omitted or obscured during treatment.

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