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Diode laser 808

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The Diode Laser 808


Laser hair removal is an often used expression. But there are a lot of different technologies they all use this expression concerning hair removal with bundled light. The number 808 in the name of the diode laser means the wave length of 808 nm the laser works with. The low risk and gentle method allows a precise treatment of single hair roots and is also available in the institute Wiesbaden beneath every other technology.

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Due to the protein in the hair it enables it to grow. Many technologies are based on the destruction of this protein. Also the diode laser relies on this idea, here the proteins are permanently destroyed with the help of heat.

The wavelength of 808nm is perfect for this procedure, because here the laser energy is transported to the root of the hair in a gentle way. This energy is generated by bundled light waves, emitted from the handpiece of the diode laser.

This warms the hair root and ultimately leads to denaturation of the proteins. Thus, the hair follicle gets no nutrients and the hair falls out permanently.

Another advantage of the diode laser is that only skin areas that are occupied by hair papillae are affected by the laser energy. The surrounding skin and tissues, as well as the haemoglobin, which is contained in the blood, remains intact.


Waxing, sugaring and epilation should be avoided at least 4 weeks before the treatment is started, as otherwise the important connection between hair root and hair is missing. However, we recommend shaving the skin on the day before.

Skin lesions with pigmentation changes or tattoos cannot be treated and are covered during treatment or completely omitted.

Care instructions

After treatment, slight redness may develop and should subside after a few days.


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