We offer you all common methods of permanent hair removal* to provide you with the best treatment possible. Enjoy every light technologies available on the market and the needle epilation at the Wiesbaden Institute.

all technologies – all possibilties

Who doesn’t dream of smooth skin at any time completely without a disturbing and time consuming shave? Haarfreiheit in Wiesbaden makes that dream come true. That’s why we offer every hair removal technology with light available on the market and the needle epilation. For a real feeling like in paradies. The permanent hair removal* with light and the needle epialtion in Wiesbaden. See all our offered technologies in an overview.

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our innovative XENOgel Technology®

Are you annoyed by daily shaving? This now belongs to the past thanks to our permanent hair removal*. We free body regions sustainably and painfree from unwanted hair.

XENOgel technology: innovative and permanent hair removal*

The XENOgel technology combines the best of SHR depilation with a specially designed crystal gel.

The basis of a successful treatment is the melanin, a dye contained in our hair. Through this, light pulses can reach into the hair root. The light energy is released there in the form of heat leading to denaturing the stem cell of the hair root. As a result, the nutrient supply is prohibited, and the hair cannot regenerate.

The crystal gel not only enhances the effect, but cools the surrounding skin so that treatment does not cause any pain.


With the XENOgel Technology unwanted body hair can be easily and permanently removed. Since the treatment is completely painless, even sensitive areas such as the genital area can be treated without any problems.

Features of the XENOgel Technology

Red and light hair is a problem for most technologies. However not for the XENOgel Technology. Here, a treatment of such hair is quite possible.


For the best possible result, we recommend shaving the area, one day before the treatment. However, hair removal methods such as waxing or epilation should be avoided at least 4 weeks prior to treatment. Otherwise, no connection between the hair and the hair root is secured, resulting in an ineffective treatment.

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the renowned IPL hair removal

We also offer you the well-known and popular IPL method.

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Permanent hair removal with IPL

The IPL technique allows permanent hair removal*, at any body area, by pure light. Therefore, the IPL method is not counted as a classic laser method.


This technology can treat large areas of skin, since the IPL technique uses multiple light spectra. Thus, we can save you time and money. Likewise, the device is very adaptable according to customer needs.

Features of the IPL technology

Due to the lack of melanin in gray or very light hair, these are problematic for treatment with the IPL procedure. However, optimal results can be achieved with dark hair.


As with other methods of permanent hair removal* with light or laser, the body region should be shaved the day before treatment. Waxing, sugaring or epilation should be stopped at least 4 weeks prior to treatment to ensure successful treatment.

SHR Illustration

The effective SHR technique

A method that combines the best aspects of the IPL procedure with the latest advances in permanent hair removal*.

Permanent hair removal with the SHR technique

The innovative SHR, also called “Super Hair Removal”, revolutionizes the field of permanent hair removal*. This is done with unbundled light, in contrast to common methods, such as the Diode or alexandrite laser. In addition, the applicator has anti-reflective sapphire crystal, which is used to filter light in the infrared range.


With the SHR method, in contrast to other methods, only about 50% of the energy is needed. The innovation is the transmission of light energy in addition to the melanin of the hair, also by acting on the stem cells of the hair. These are responsible for the nutrition of the hair.

Features of SHR technology

The treatment of tattooed body parts is unfortunately not possible with the SHR technology. The effect of heat can cause a reaction of the colour pigments contained in the tattoo. For this reason, these areas must always be covered or skipped during treatment.


For an active connection of hair to the hair root, all epilation methods must be stopped at least 4 weeks prior to treatment.

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Diode laser Illustration

DIODE LASER with focused light

We also offer proven laser technology in our institutes. This includes the diode laser.

Proven hair removal with the diode laser

In addition to the other already mentioned methods of permanent hair removal, we also offer the diode laser 808 in our institutes. This type of classic laser hair removal works at a wavelength of 808 nm.


A targeted treatment can be made possible with the diode laser. Perfect for beard contours or the neck. The laser pulse heats the hair follicle to 72 ° Celsius and destroys it.

Features of the diode laser

The wavelength of 808 nm allows a targeted treatment, because the energy directly reaches the hair root, which protects surrounding skin areas.


A shave on the day before the start of treatment allows the skin to calm down. Which makes the treatment not only more effective, but also gentler to the skin.

Alexandrite laser Illustration

ALEXANDRITE LASER and focused light

The alexandrite laser is also among the classic depilation methods with laser. This is one of three laser techniques offered by our institutes.

Permanent hair removal with the alexandrite laser

With the wavelength of 755 nm, treatment with the alexandrite laser enables targeted and permanent hair removal*.


In addition to permanent hair removal, the alexandrite laser is also used to remove tattoos and pigmentation disorders.

Features of the alexandrite laser

Bright and reddish hair can be treated well with the alexandrite laser unlike many other permanent hair removal* technologies.


As with the other methods of permanent hair removal*, hair removal by epilation should be stopped at least 4 weeks before the start of treatment.

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The advanced ND:YAG-LASER

Bundled light as the basis of innovative technology.

ND:YAG-Laser Illustration

Permanent hair removal with the YAG laser

The ND:YAG laser is one of many different ways of permanent hair removal. ND:YAG laser stands for Neodymium Yttrium Aluminum Garnet Laser. It works with an exact wavelength of 1064 nm, which is particularly good for a treatment of melanin.

Properties of the YAG laser

Thanks to the Q-switch of the laser, the skin is especially spared during the treatment. An optimal result can be achieved in people with a darker skin type, due to the wavelength used.


Even with this technique, the skin should be shaved the day before treatment.


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