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Neodym doped Yttrium-Aluminum-garnet laser

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The Technology

Technical details

The YAG laser belongs to the solid-state lasers. With a fixed wavelength of 1064nm high-energy light pulses are emitted.

With this type of laser technology, an individual adaptation of the light effect to the respective colour type of the skin is possible. No other blood vessels or tissue are damaged because the wavelengths are only optimized for the melanin of the hair.

The basis of the technology for permanent hair removal* with light is to denature the protein in the hair root with the help of heat, so that the nutrient supply of the hair is permanently* prevented. This heat is generated by light pulses that release thermal energy in the hair root.


Dark skin types with strong, dark hair are ideally suited for this technology. Since hair roots of hair, such texture, often sit very deep in the skin, the YAG laser conducts the energy deep enough into the skin.

Hair has 3 growth cycles: the growth phase, transition phase and the inactive phase. Only hair that is in the growth phase can be treated. Because only in this phase there is a connection between hair root and hair. However, only about 20% of all hair is in this phase. For this reason, several treatments are necessary every 4 weeks so that a successful permanent hair removal* can be achieved.

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Operating principle

The laser beams are absorbed by the colour pigment melanin, which is in the hair, and forwarded to the hair root. This energy of the laser is converted into heat. As a result, the hair follicle is destroyed and cannot form another hair.

Treatment procedure

Laser pulses are emitted from the handpiece. This is only a slight tingling, but no pain. Due to the heat the skin can be turned slightly red after treatment. This redness should be gone after about 2-3 days and is no cause for concern.

graphic ND:YAG laser mode of action

Treatment preparation

Since the pigment of the skin (melanin) reacts to the laser energy during the treatment, you should protect your skin from intense sunlight before treatment. Thus, you should avoid visits to the solarium or swimming pool.

The day before treatment, the skin area should be shaved for optimal treatment.


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