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Needle epilation

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The technology

Beneath the numerous photoepilation technologies the needle epilation also belongs to the permanent hair removal* methods. The needle epilation is also called electro epilation because the basis of this technology is electricity. In difference to the hair removal methods with light a fine needle is guided into the hair canal and the hair root is rendered harmless. The big advantage with this technology that every type of hair can be treated even white hair.

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Treatment with needle epilation in detail

How does the treatment work?

The reason why hair regrow after shaving is its root. This is supplied with nutrients and let the hair grow. So not only the hair itself has to be removed but the root and this in a way that it’s not able to regenerate. This is possible with the needle epilation with the help of electricity. With the targeted use at the hair root it can’t regrow.

Areas for treatment

Thanks to the precise and filigran needle every single hair must be treated during a session. In this way every desired parts can be treated. Even smallest areas are well to be treated. Furthermore the needle epilation is often used when there are tattoos on the skin. The needle goes across the ink of the tattoo trough the hair canal to the hair root. The tattoo isn’t affected.

Please note the following

Before treatment

In order for a treatment with needle epilation to take place, the hair must have a length of at least 2-3 mm. This is the only way to find the hair canal and remove the hair with the tweezers. Hair removal by epilation or waxing should generally be avoided if needle epilation is to be considered.

Several sessions are necessary to achieve the result of permanent hair removal* with needle epilation. This is due to the hair growth cycle. Because for a successful treatment, the hair must be in the active phase. Only in this phase there is an active connection between the hair and the hair root. The desired area is treated in one session and treated again in the following session so that the desired effect of permanent hair removal* can be achieved.

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After the treatment

With the treatment skin gets irritated. To recover skin it’s responsible to relax it for about 72 hours. This means that you should not go to the swimming pool or sauna. Also heavy uv radiation which means extensive sunbathing have to be avoided. So that means everything which could aggravate skin. If you have any concerns or a redness of skin don’t hesitate to contact us for a follow-up appointment.

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