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Thanks to permanent* hair removal with light, we can give you smooth armpits – hygienic and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.


It’s not a women’s exclusive topic

Hair removal in the armpit area is not an exclusive women’s topic. Many men appreciate the benefits of hairless armpits. This can be for hygienic, but also for aesthetic reasons. At Haarfreiheit Karlsruhe you will find the perfect method for your personal needs.

Smoot armpits – an eye-catcher

Armpits without unwanted hair always appear well-groomed, aesthetically pleasing and sexy. Most men, however, stick to the old methods as shaving. The disadvantage of this method is that it requires a lot of time and the unpleasant side effect is skin irritations. Even ingrown hair is not uncommon. The regrowth of hair usually causes unsightly stubble. A far more sensible way of removing hair is using XENOgel technology, IPL, SHR technology or all other technologies which are available at Haarfreiheit Karlsruhe.

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Living your lifestyle

Wear T-Shirts, go swimming without wasting a thought on shaving your armpits? Yes, it’s possible. With permanent hair removal using light you can say goodbye to such thoughts. Feel free and enjoy your life. Thanks to our painless and gentle methods, you can experience a completely new lifestyle. We work with all technologies available on the market, to offer you the best service. With the help of our medical staff you will find the best suitable method for your needs.

Do not waste time

With the photoepilation using one of our methods you can save yourself the time, you normally waste for shaving. If you only need 5 minutes for shaving your armpits, this adds up to almost 2 ours every month. You can use this time much better. Our modern technology is optimized to remove hair especially gently and effectively. Each individual treatment lasts only a short time and saves you more time in the future.

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