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Permanent hair removal* for women ARMS & HANDS

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Well-groomed skin on the hands

Beautiful hands can fascinate

Beautiful hands can round off the appearance. Especially in women smooth hands are perceived as particularly nice-looking. Not only the fingernails have to be cared regularly, also the hands. However, nature does not mean well with every woman. Not seldom, women are plagued by excessive hair growth. Daily shaving is essential here. These times are now in the past.

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We will inspire you

Hair growth on the hands is uncomfortable for many women. Especially the female feature of smooth skin should not stop at the hands. The consequence? Long-lasting and repetitive procedures for hair removal are necessary. Take a different path and opt for smooth skin with permanent hair removal.

No more hiding

Wear sleeveless dresses while always looking perfect and not having to worry about it in advance. Any hair that may have disturbed in the past and you were not sure if you really shaved it off with the razor has disappeared. Never again stubbles. Always smooth skin.

As a means of communication, apart from other physical signals, especially hands are needed. In this context, your hands will now be given special attention. Look forward to it. With our skin-friendly procedure, we can free you from unwanted hair.

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Show your hands

In almost all everyday situations, the hands are involved. Whether greeting, paying or writing, hands are the focus. Arms and hands are strongly in the focus of everyday life. But do not let it slow you down by disturbing hair growth. Our effective technologies increase your quality of life, even with just a few treatments.

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Enjoy freedom

Never worry about hair on your hands again. Epilation and shaving are a thing of the past. Focus on the important things in life again.


You should always feel good in our practices. Look forward to achieving your dream of smooth skin in just a few sessions. Relax and enjoy the professional service.

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