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Permanent removal for hair on CHEST & ABDOMEN

Smooth skin on the chest and abdomen – Haarfreiheit Wiesbaden makes it possible

Wabenlbid einer weiblichen Brust (verdeckt)

Avoid disturbing hair

Body hair on the abdomen and chest is not limited to men. Even with some women hair on such body parts occurs. As women often suffer from it, many methods of removal, such as shaving, apply. The problem here is that with temporary methods, the unwanted hair can come back quickly. In order to stop worrying about it, we offer you modern technologies that make them disappear forever.

Daily smooth skin

Get up every day with silky-smooth skin. Our numerous techniques of photoepilation can fulfill this dream. We offer you painless and skin-friendly procedures. The best result in just a few sessions.

Always feel good

Shaving often brings some side effects with ingrown hair, itching and inflammation. With our proven technologies this is now a thing of the past, because we remove your hair permanently and gently.

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Our technologies

In particular, the XENOgel procedure developed by us can relieve you from unwanted hair growth, painless and reliable. Our technology is not only effective but also gentle on the skin and painless. Our medical staff will be happy to personally advise you on all suitable techniques and other needs.

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