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Permanent hair removal* at the COCCYX

Many men struggle with a lengthy healing process when a coccyx fistula occurs. Protect yourself from this condition with permanent hair removal*.

Causes and proceeding

Causes of coccyx fistula

Coccyx fistula (sinus pilonidalis) is an inflammatory disease of the fold on the buttocks, which mainly affects men. The most common cause of this condition is ingrown hairs, which become inflamed and at most have to be surgically removed (source: Wikipedia). This leads to a not insignificant amount of pain and considerably burdens the affected person in his daily routine. The healing process can sometimes take a long time.

The hair itself is responsible

Hygienic aspects are very important when dealing with the area of the buttocks. However, even this does not always help to prevent the disease. The reason is that the hair itself can become a problem if it becomes ingrown. At this point, it would make sense to eliminate the cause of a coccyx fistula, namely the hair itself. Here, however, the problem arises that the usual methods are not a real solution. When shaving, the hair is cut back to the surface and subsequently grows back again. Here the problem is aggravated, because the ingrowth of the hair is a considerable risk, especially during regrowth. Also with epilating or waxing, the hair is pulled out completely. Nevertheless, this does not prevent regrowth, it just takes longer.

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Prevention of coccyx fistula

What can you do to prevent a coccyx fistula? Since conventional hair removal methods cannot permanently* remove the hair, the permanent hair removal* with light is an option. Here we offer all technologies available on the market, so we can find the right one for your needs. Especially our XENOgel Technology has already proven to be particularly effective. This method is not only effective, but also painless and can be applied in a very skin-friendly way, especially in such a sensitive area.

Sensitive areas are no problem anymore

Enjoy the best service

All treatments are performed by trained professionals in order to offer you the best service around permanent hair removal* with light. In addition, our medical cooperation partner is at our side to help with the medical assessment. Permanent hair removal* at your expert Haarfreiheit.

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Don’t worry about whether a hair might get infected or not. Simply have it removed painlessly and permanently* with the help of light. Make your individual as well as free consultation appointment today to be able to learn more about permanent hair removal* and the new kind of freedom. We look forward to your call!

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